When Norman Adams (Fred Norman Adams: Oct 3, 1933 – July 4, 2014) finished art school
he was so good at what he did
that all the major illustration agencies in New York wanted him.

He ended up working for the “New York Yankees of Illustration”
the “preeminent” Charles E Cooper Studio

where he quickly become Cooper's “Babe Ruth.”

Golden Grand: Golden Eagle Grand Canyon by Norman Adams.

This Golden Eagle Grand Canyon 36”x52,36”x24 canvas oil painting is by far the biggest and most impressive oil painting that Norman Adams ever painted, and he painted it when his technical skills were at their best.

Norman Adams not only used all his “Trompe l'oeiltalents to make this painting look good hung on a wall... he went a lot further: he painted it to look far better closeup than it would from a distance. He did this so that it would be a show-stopper for the biggest wildlife art show in the nation at the time, the 1985 Minneapolis Wildlife Art Show – where it not only stopped the crowd that mostly had to watch and wait for the life-sized super-real Golden Eagle to move … it overwhelmingly won Best of Show.

The story behind this painting goes even further – far more than any of his other paintings, the large 3'x7' size of this painting reveals what convinced the professionals of “commercial art” ( the business of Illustration) – like Charles E Cooper and Robert Fawcett and later Bill Erlacker -- that Norman Adams had the technical skills and artistic versatility that went far beyond anything the Illustrators of commercial art needed to be successful. To these potent professionals of commercial art and especially to the “Illustrator's Illustrator,” Robert Fawcett: Norman Adams was the Babe Ruth of commercial art, Illustration.