Norman Adams oil painting, Grand Canyon, Golden Eagle
Norman Adams oil painting Golden Eagle close

Norman Adams, original oil painting: Golden Grand. Golden Eagle and Grand Canyon.

 Two paintings for one image 36x24 and 36x 52 oil on canvas.

These large paintings are unique. Most large paintings of realistic artists can look impressive from a distance only to weaken on closer inspection. Norman’s large paints work the same as his smaller paintings that work like his Still Life paintings. They all hold up to close inspection. So these large paintings not only look impressive from a distance but they look even more impressive close up... like a close look at the Golden Eagle on the left that is painted life-size. Compare this to the details of the much smaller watercolor painting of the Bald Eagle below that is also painted life-size.  

Norman Adams oil painting Dry Falls ,WA.  Huns
Norman Adams oil painting Palouse River, Quail
Norman Adams oil painting Twin Sisters WA, Chukars

Norman Adams, original oil painting:

Twin Sisters on the Columbia River at the Wallula Gap, Chukars. oil on canvas 36 x 52.”.

Norman Adams, original oil painting

Dry Falls, WA, with its “Huns”

Hungarian Partridges. oil on canvas 36 x 52.”.

Norman Adams, original oil painting: Palouse River 

California Quail. oil on canvas 36 x 52.”.

Besides the Golden Grand painting, with its Grand Canyon, Norm did three other large oil paintings that were going to be part of a Washington State series. These three would follow the great floods that came and went with the ice ages. The three large 36x52 oil paintings would be the Dry Falls with its “Huns,” and then the Palouse River/Falls (Marmes Rock Shelter) and its California Quail; and then the Twin Sisters near the Wallula Gap and its Chukars.
   Dry Falls is a three and a half mile crescent shaped precipice in Central Washington. At one time it was a waterfall that was ten times the size of Niagara. It is thought to be the greatest waterfall of all time. Geologists speculate that during the last ice age catastrophic flooding channeled water at 65 miles per hour through the Grand Coulee and over this 400-foot rock face. At this time, it is estimated that the flow of the falls was ten times greater than the current flow of all the rivers in the world combined. And this monstrous waterfall was just a part of the flood that periodically carved out much of the Central Columbia Basin when ice sheets melted to suddenly drain Lake Missoula which in prehistoric times was half the size of today’s Lake Michigan.

Norman Adams watercolor Olympic Bald Eagle

Norman Adams: Olympic Bald Eagle

watercolor, life size bird, on 13.5 x 30” image. Close-up of the life-sized bird on right.

For Norman this attention to detail is no big deal, just an ongoing addiction to give his subjects more and more life. 



Magnified close-up of a still-life painting to reveal the same detail Norman gives to all his paintings so that a magnifying glass can only make them even more impressive.



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